Bread, bread, bread

I love baking bread. I’m not the best bread maker out there but no one has ever refused my baking. I don’t have anything folk magic or occult-related to talk about, but I felt like blogging about bread. Here are a few things: I prefer bread made from hard white wheat berries. This flour is … [Read more…]

Maps Of Consciousness

This is a repost from my old blog, The Glitter Bitch. This was my numerology blog from 2013-2018. I found it in my old google drive! It pays to blow the dust off things 😁 “Maps of consciousness” is a phrase that is being thrown around all over the flaky New Age place. Aside from … [Read more…]

Sunday morning rambling: what we have right now….it’s new, and it can go POOF at any time

A few weeks ago Witchfoot at TikTok made a video that I stitched. Whether you like her or not, and I know she’s a polarizing figure where idealistic witches are concerned, she made some valid points. Here is my stitch. If you have TikTok you can see her original. Now I talk about my … [Read more…]

Things The Universe Has Taught Me

In each of us are heroes; speak to them and they will come forth. There is no such a thing as a bad number/rune/planet/card, etc. People are constantly trying to jam things into dichotomies. Good/bad, rich/poor, light/dark and all that other nonsense. Vibrational patterns exist on a spectrum. You can be living the less than … [Read more…]