What goal do I need to recommit to?

Day 3 of HealingThruTarot and Blogging With Effy

Dr. John

Dr. John is an important figure in New Orleans Voodoo. The original Dr. John was an African drummer in the early 1800s. Since then others have channeled the good doctor, drumming messages into existence, creating a link to the spirit world.

Drummers occupy a position of importance in belief systems everywhere. Their beats are hypnotic, raising power and stirring something within all who feel the beat. You can’t help but sway when you hear the drums, the beating heart of old magic.

In the painting for this card, one hand is up and one is down – “as above, so below”. By this posture the good doctor is reminding us that he is merely a channel of the life force. Energy flows from the invisible to the visible realms, thoughts made manifest. Participants in his rituals will all use this energy differently.

Recommit to creating your own reality. Remember that we are all connected to this primal force. Thoughts become things and we need to choose carefully which talents and skills we want to develop.

I got rid of the palmistry hand. I was attempting to create a vignette, but all I could think of was, “Thank you, Thing” every time I sat down to do a reading.

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