What is holding me back from thriving?

9 Congo (9 of Cups) Madame La Lune

Madame La Lune grants use of the Magick Mirror. The mirror is simply stable water, catching and holding a reflection. All waters, stable and unstable, seen and unseen, physical and astral, are an extension of her. Like the other 9s, Madame La Lune transports energy. The energy she transports is the reflected light of the sun on her water.

This card is generally thought of as a “good card”, the wish card, and a sign of better things to come. There is wealth, pleasure, and comfort in this card.

But nothing is what it seems when it’s seen by the light of the moon.

In the pursuit of happiness, we often replace the negative in our lives with things that make us feel better in the moment or things that gain approval from those around us. We don’t like to feel exposed or uncomfortable. We don’t want to work through the weird, so we smooth it out with lies instead. This creates dis-ease and anxiety comes creeping in.

Decay creeps back in and we have not learned how to deal with it, only how to layer over it and pretend we’re fine.

The woman in the picture is about to touch the moonlight – but then what will happen when she does? She’ll make waves on the surface and shatter the moon – because it is after all – just a reflection. It’s not the real deal. It’s an illusion.

And there it is as plain as night – not wanting to lift the veil of illusion – not wanting to feel uncomfortable or unsure of the next step while things change – keeps me from thriving.


  1. It always takes courage to lift the veil of illusion and see the truth… but I agree that that’s where we can thrive at last!

    By the way, I love your blog and have followed you on insta. Your challenge, podcast and everything else sound amazing!

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