Where do I need to take my power back?

6 Petro expressed through Hounsis Rada. 6 of Wands expressed through the Princess of Swords

Not going to lie, when I turned up Legba a second time, I talked back to my Tarot cards.

“What the hell are you doing here twice?”

So I pulled a clarifying card.

Hounsis means “spirit wife”. They are the earth element of the temple. If the houngan, mambo, or la place can take on the higher spiritual tasks it is only because hounsis has done all the temple housekeeping for them. Their attention to detail, to the physical requirements of the temple, are integral to the success of the spiritual work even if their job seems lowly to the outsider looking in.

Their instrument is the calabash. This is a dried out hollow gourd, common to many systems of North American magic. It’s a rattle, it’s a time capsule, it’s a vessel in the moment that is transformed by whatever fills it.

This hounsis, the earth of air, gives shape and weight to ideas. She makes things real. Right now she’s caring for the Pots de Tête. They contain the Ti Bon Ange – the will of the witch – mentioned yesterday in conjunction with The Sun/Gros Bon Ange, that I pulled. She’s maintaining my jar 😊

Legba’s card is expressed through her. His gift of light is being taken and shaped, and cared for while it is brought to reality.

In practical terms what that means is that I don’t just pull Tarot cards and cry about them. Like astrology and the I Ching, they are a way to sort out my thoughts and create an action plan. Doing it this way, daily for 30 days, makes the advice more manageable. Lots of cards at once guarantee that things get lost in translation. One card/one question every day gives me a point of focus. The difference is that this time I’m sharing it publicly.

Quite often, much more comes up for me than just what I’ve written here. Legba’s gift of light was in the remembering and releasing of old horse shit holding me back. The hounsis is here to let my practical mind know that, “Yes, something is actually happening as a result of this. You are not wasting your time here.” I actually started taking back my power today…..which will be yesterday when you read this because I do my blog posts a day or two in advance. That’s what the universe does. They throw a little bit of it back your way. For a hot minute I started to go inward and I felt myself becoming small. What I did instead wasn’t dramatic. There were no fireworks, but it wasn’t what I was used to doing and it felt good to do it.

Needless to say, the work is getting done. I appreciate those who read and especially those who choose to leave a comment. It is nice to be witnessed and supported but it’s also nice to have a blogging window into your lives, too.

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  1. Wow. This sounds like a very deep and meaningful journey. such much to absorb. Witnessing you. Thank you for sharing. <3

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