What issue do I need to ask for help with?

I don’t know if it’s this particular question, the fact that I’m midway through this challenge, that I’ve started filming it instead of writing it, or the sudden and somewhat horrifying reality that for two weeks I’ve been sharing my innerds with the internets, but I wanted to just jettison the whole tarot challenge. I’ve been having this conversation with myself that goes something like this: “Am I  high? Am I insane? Did I just fall off the truck last week? Do I  understand that I am telling things about myself online? Where people can see?”

And then I breathed and smoothed out my pants and remembered that the four horsemen did not show up on my front lawn because I did this.

Then I found a piece of dark chocolate in my art table. I remembered hiding it at the beginning of all this, thinking “I’ll find this when I need a treat.”

And all was well in the land.

Also, I discovered iMovie today. I plan to get better at it.

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  1. I share your worries about putting stuff out for all to see, but I’m guessing the chocolate makes up for it 🙂

    1. Believe me, I still have thoughts about taking it all down. But the option is there to make it private or password protected at any time. I think it’s mostly because I’m trying to sit in my discomfort and I’m not

      1. typing during a ride through the country on a bumpy country road with limited cell service I’m trying to sit in my discomfort and I’m not used to doing that so publicly because as much as it can open me up to support and insight from others it can also open me up to assholes as well.

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