Full moon shenanigans! Also: Which area of my life needs more attention?

So this morning I thought this Tarot video uploaded last night and it was still in my Instagram queue.

I’m in an astrology group and everyone is talking about how charged up and energized they are because of this moon. I did my work last night and went to bed. I slept GREAT. This morning everything felt off kilter right. I wanted to go back to bed and wake up again but when I tried, the cats wouldn’t let me.

This was my morning post:

This daily card was a little different. Joe Ferraille is the 5 of Swords but it wasn’t the meaning of the card that got me. Every time I look at this card, no matter how long I’ve had this deck, the image of Joe Ferraille is just plain unsettling. He looks like something Giger would dream up!

This is the third time I’ve tried to complete this post. I don’t know if it’s WordPress, my connection, or bad fairies, but I keep bounced out. I had a lot I wanted to say this morning but I’ll keep it short because you know, full moon anarchy.

My very good friend spiritual advisor and sometimes shitkicker, Antonio, says that today is Joe Ferraille’s sacred day so it’s all in the plan that it stayed in a holding pattern until this morning. Ye gods the weirdness online, in my neighborhood, it just abounds

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