Things The Universe Has Taught Me

In each of us are heroes; speak to them and they will come forth.

  • There is no such a thing as a bad number/rune/planet/card, etc. People are constantly trying to jam things into dichotomies. Good/bad, rich/poor, light/dark and all that other nonsense. Vibrational patterns exist on a spectrum.
  • You can be living the less than shit hot aspects of that vibrational energy, but that doesn’t make it a bad number. It means that you are probably making the same mistakes. It’s not the energy’s fault that you’re choosing familiarity over growth. What we do with that energy is what determines if it is good or bad in our perception. The energy itself is neutral.
  • We need to grow where we are planted. Quite frequently we expect the heavens to open, the skies to fill with sunbeams and birds, and angels to sing down hymns when we embark on the path consciously. When that doesn’t happen we get pissy, put our toys down and go somewhere else. Sometimes we need to stay put and breathe our way through some crapulence to get to the good stuff.
  • Many New Age coffee shop philosophers are still teaching that we ask for certain things to happen. Look, I’ve had a near death experience. I can not believe, that out there in the ether, at any point in time that the essence which is me would ever knowingly say “Ok, let’s set up a soul contract so I learn some hard lessons. I’m going to need you to rape me and you over there, can you come back as a mugger and rob me of my rent money? Good, good. This’ll be great.” Seriously? No. For a long time I tried to believe that crap. It was in every Reiki class, every meditation class, every abundance program I ever participated in, so it must have been true. Ugh. The whole “be grateful for your shitty experiences” crap. No. You do not have to be grateful for being abused as a child. Or for being made homeless. Or for being robbed or anything else traumatizing in your life. I recently re-read an old Reiki book where the author discusses how hard it was to feel gratefulness for the experiences taught by her rapist but by gum, she did it. This time around I wanted to vomit in my mouth after reading that. Don’t feel that you can’t build abundance for yourself until you embrace your abusive experiences and “move past them”. Oh ye gods no. This is toxic repackaged Churchianity with its “suffering is good for you, it was all part of god’s plan” melodrama. If someone tries to program you with that garbage, put your little talking stick down and leave the seminar. Argue your deposit back later.
  • We would be so much happier with our lives if we stopped trying to live someone else’s. I see two versions of this: trying to force ourselves to walk someone else’s road because that individual seems to be doing better than we are OR allowing others to put us on the road they want us to take or the road they couldn’t take. That never works. If you don’t know what road you want to take, that’s fine. When you do know, just quietly step onto the sidewalk. Don’t ask permission, just do it.
  • You’re never off “The Path”. You weren’t born in the wrong life, you didn’t Star Trek transporter-beam into the wrong universe after drinking your moonwater. You’re fine. If the way you’re living seems wrong and like most of us you’re not independently wealthy, just make small changes that you can afford, to start building the life you want.
  • We are never alone on this journey. Call it a spirit guide, intuition, your higher self, the ancestors, god or what have you – we have a constant unseeable companion at our side. You’ll note that in my writing I refer to it as the higher self because I really believe we’re capable of all the things we ascribe to the supernatural.

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