Maps Of Consciousness

This is a repost from my old blog, The Glitter Bitch. This was my numerology blog from 2013-2018. I found it in my old google drive! It pays to blow the dust off things 😁

“Maps of consciousness” is a phrase that is being thrown around all over the flaky New Age place.

Aside from this phrase being used as a way to sound wordier than thou, what exactly does it mean?

A map of consciousness is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a map, first and foremost. Maps prevent us from going around in circles, getting lost in the proverbial woods, and banging into trees. Unless you’re using GPS, in which case you better make sure you download the latest map or you may find yourself in the middle of a swamp scratching your head. 

Maps of consciousness are those things offered by belief systems, esoterica, mystical teachings, schools of psychological thought, lifestyle concepts, and oracle tools such as astrology, numerology, runes, Tarot, bones, I Ching, and others. These maps are not static and they change depending on the time and culture in which they are used. They should change, in case you were wondering. They should reflect and support the society that uses them. 

The map of consciousness that I am sharing here is numerology. Once the basic energies of numbers are learned and internalized, it becomes easy to see their vibrations at play in our lives. These maps give us information about our strengths and weaknesses. They don’t exactly lay out the path for us, but they help guide us with useful signposts along the way. 

Your journey will be shaped by your attitude. The qualities of numbers, like planets, operate on a spectrum from super fabulous to downright shitty. If you find that your Life Path number makes no sense to you at all, or that you can only relate to the negative parts, bear in mind that your Life Path shows you who you can become as a result of your journey. You can become a supercharged artist that changes the way people think about the world through your work in, say, film or you can become an indecisive self-hating pain in the arse who never leaves the coffee shop because he is afraid of rejection. It’s totally up to you – the entire spectrum of energy is there for you to draw from. 

Your journey in life may also take you down a well-worn path, experienced by many others. Don’t beat yourself up or be disappointed if this occurs. A lot of people start using maps of consciousness to fulfill some very physical, ego-based desires and then come up frustrated when they don’t become rich and famous, and they’re not happy with anything in front of them. We can’t all be icons in every lifetime. The trick is to remember that no one will experience that life exactly the same way that you do because no one will have exactly the same energy that you do. We all have our place in the Universe and not one of us is more valuable than the other. 

If the world were comprised entirely of high energy famous people, who would stand out and inspire? They need us as much as we need them. We are all part of the same team, our energy overlapping and merging with each other constantly, throughout time and space.

When we use a map of consciousness to work on our own path, we can find contentment faster than if we covet someone else’s life. Our trip is intensely personal and it will change as time spirals outward. Very, very few of us get a straight line from A to B with little in between. Most of us will get a confusing trip around the mulberry bush that goes here, there, and everywhere, moving back on itself, then jumping forward, then turning left, then going nowhere for a while, then doing something else. As you travel through the Universe, it changes you and you change it. This is the way of living.

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