Tuesday rambling: Crotch Club & WitchTok

I’m waiting for a new client. In my day job I’m an esthetician. I specialize in sugaring Brazilians and my client base is almost all gay men with pre-op transwomen coming in at a close second. Straight redneck guys in baseball caps are an emerging third place and oddly enough they’re going to overtake the transwomen if things keep going the way they are.

So this man is booked at noon and I got weird creeper vibes when he came to book the appointment. Part of me thinks he won’t show because – wards – most of the creepers don’t show. I let my wards slip the last few weeks, though, so a weirdo might have gotten in under the radar. If he no shows I’ll take it as a sign that the wards are working.

I spoke to a prospective new client this morning. He wanted to know why I don’t have an IG page for him to look at. Buddy, I rip hair out of crotches. I am not posting that. My clients are men and transwomen in a very conservative area. I promise you they are not going to let me post IG nudie pics. Nor are they leaving rave reviews where they can be seen and backtracked online. Such is the life of a covert crotch waxer. I’ve often thought of the day when I can have my own brick and mortar shop and not be renting – I think a speakeasy theme would be appropriate given that NONE of my clients want to talk about seeing me but yet here I am building a little more each month.

First rule of Crotch Club: we never talk about Crotch Club

WithTok is an interesting swamp to navigate. Now most people think of swamps as dirty gross, potentially dangerous places and they certainly can be. Once you know the eco system you realize that a swamp is majestic and beautiful in its own right. There are lively spaces in the swamp. There are dirty and dangerous places too, and predators.

There are a lot of Chapter Three High Priestesses at Witchtok. Eventually they get eaten by the swamp hags but they’re loud and self-righteous and they’ve got their fangirls to protect them. Mostly they’re harmless and annoying, and the things they teach don’t tend to hold up in the real world.

But there are a lot of very manipulative witches on that app with seriously unmanaged mental malfunctions building Lordy knows what kind of sick ecosystem and they’re wrecking the swamp. I’m looking at you BowlCut McCrazy. I’m also casting a sideways glance at you, CurtainBangs McCottageCore. There are others, but these two stand out the most.

But, I have to run along. I’m going to get ready for the creeper client and see if he shows.

Remember as you move forward in life let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!!

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