My bread is rising & someone needed a question answered

Once again a Mahabote chart with Frank, the bamboo picnic knife. I’ve given him a name because, why not? He’s my censor bar.

So someone dropped by the house today. Coffee was poured, and while my yeast bubbled away happily in its warm water bath, questions were asked. Charts were drawn, and everyone was happy.

So the question was whether or not there was a relationship on the horizon for my friend and I was bluntly honest. “No” I said, “In fact you’ve probably been meeting a lot of women this year and it either goes fizzle-poof or they ghost after one date.” Now this person and I have not kept up and even though we are both lesbians we do not actually know all the dykes and therefore we do not know all the things. It’s the same every time, “How do you know?” Me, pointing to the charts, “Because you tell me.”

“You don’t have time to be pussy blind this year anyway. You’re in a minor Mercury period within a major Mercury period. Your natal Mercury is being charged up with a transiting Mars. You’re starting university this year. You’ve been encountering Mercury-themed fuck ups all year long. You don’t have time for the level of crazy that women present. Your natal Jupiter, which is afflicted, is getting a big boost from transiting Mercury. Buy batteries, focus on school. You have a transiting Grand Trine of Sun/Jupiter/Saturn. Focus on school and your pastoral studies”

Yup, a future minister is coming to me for readings. I cackle about that. A LOT.

I won’t read the whole thing because I’d end up writing War&Peace and I don’t know if anyone would stay reading long enough for that. Suffice it to say, this is the year that my friend started busting up those generational curses and taking charge of her life. “This is what you’ve been up to, right? This is why we haven’t seen you around? All year?”

“How do you know this? How do you scribble this down and tell me what I’ve been doing?”


“They won’t be teaching you this in pastor school, sweetie. You’ll just have to come back for more coffee.”

It’s a mushroom of bread dough, lol. Turn your own on to the lowest setting and let it heat. Turn it off when it reaches temperature, let the dough rise for 20 minutes on the counter then put a towel over it and place it in the oven for an hour. The temperate will have dropped enough that you can use the heat to rise without baking the dough.
There!! Happy little bread bowls with their anti-aging egg masks on, in their contour wrap, having a final snooze before their thermal spa treatment.

And that’s how we do things here in the Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen. I am debating homemade chili vs spicy autumn soup for supper. I’m leaning toward chili but you know, the though of a rich, thick aromatic squash soup with a hint of cream is just….I’m almost getting turned on here.

Check you later folks, remember to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!

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