It’s time for soup, scones, and Tarot

I know it’s only mid-September and it is technically still summer as my sun-loving Leo wife reminds me. I should probably shut my pumpkin-spiced whore mouth about the changing of the seasons but as far as I’m concerned….


I walk to the salon every day. Today it was 7C and don’t ask me what that was in Fahrenheit because I stubbornly refuse to assimilate to anything but Celsius. After a summer of 28-42C, 7 was brrrrrr.

So much brrrrr that I hauled out my David Rose long black sweaters and wore one to work today along with some cute autumn boots. It’ll probably be too damned hot for cute autumn shenanigans at 5pm but that’s a chance I‘m willing to take.

So all this week I’ve been making soup and stew when I come home from work, diligently using up everything that’s threatening to wilt and become a middle shelf science project in the fridge. I’ve got five 1-gallon freezer bags on ice in the basement and more are to come. I found the last of last fall’s pumpkin scones so I’ve been enjoying them at breakfast all week. I’ll have to grab more pumpkin this weekend to make more. And of course…..

It is $5 Tarot time again. I used to do this with just my salon clients as a way to fill up spaces in my column but I’m opening it up to folks online. It’s all in good fun!

I’m still working on generating content for the Numerology Tier and new content for the Mahabote tier. I was thinking about making courses through gumroad, too.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now! Let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!

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