Life happened and it’s been a while since I’ve been around

I haven’t been on TikTok to make a video in about a month. I don’t hate TikTok, but between moving my esthetics business home and setting that up, and creating content for the Patreon I’ll launch in January, I just haven’t been in a video-making mood.

In October I started a new bottle of allergy shots. I’ve been getting weekly shots for about 18 months. I stopped when I was in Halifax from January to April and resumed again in May. It’s one needle in each shoulder, once weekly. It’s a serum concocted of all the things I’m allergic to plus adrenaline. This latest bottle is STRONG. I’ve been a mouth breather at night for five weeks now, which is no fun when you’ve got a CPAP. I can’t count how many nights I’ve woken up with my tongue stuck to the inside of my mouth because I’m so dry. Last week I went from the one shot weekly to the one needle in each shoulder. Argggh. My immune system is on high alert, I’ve been a walking snot-stuffed lymph node on two feet since the bump-up has commenced. The right side of my neck has been swollen right out and I felt like I had an ear infection at one point. Two days ago I started to feel like a semi-normal human again.

This shit is no fun and I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it.

I also had a cold sore erupt right above my lip, Monday night. Yaaay. So not thrilled.

I’ve been using the time, like I said, for creating content. With any luck, when December rolls around I’ll have a good six months worth of content. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also gotten pretty good at bread sponges and artisan bread.

And I picked up where I left off in my aromatherapy education. I’ve been an aromatherapist for as long as I’ve been an esthetician – well, a little bit longer (26 years). In 2018 I thought I’d take some classes online and I bought not one, but three really involved programs. Then life happened partway through. Then 2020 happened and instead of finishing my classes and becoming an alternative healing rockstar during the lockdown, I instead spent a lot of time rubbing chamomile on my feet and trying not to give in to anxiety. Well, it’s nearly the end of 2022 and I can’t believe that I’m not done. This never used to be me and then perimenopause happened and I turned into a crazy hot mess.

Anyway, that’s all for now. It’s time to vacuum carpets, sweep floors, and clear the driveway. Hot mess over and out.

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