How did I know that the Moon was in Virgo without looking?

At 2:30 am this morning I was yanked from my beloved slumber by the lilting sound of loud machinery wailing in the night. I raced out to the kitchen thinking it was the cat’s water fountain. As I was racing half asleep to the kitchen it dawned on me that I had filled their little fountain with water before going to bed and when it gets low it doesn’t shake the walls with noise.

It was coming from the basement.

The sump pump chose early this morning as its special time to start dying a slow and loud death.

As I turned it off and looked at the dry hole that was rapidly filling up again, all I asked out loud, “The Moon is in fucking Virgo, isn’t it???” to no one in particular.

Virgo rules the lower digestive tract including the bowels, so it’s fitting that the Moon is in Virgo whenever there’s an issue with the plumbing. Not every Virgo Moon, but if there’s going to be a problem then I never have to check.

Of course, I checked and yes, the Moon is in Virgo. I would love a birth chart for this house. I would also love some sleep but now I’m waiting patiently for my neighbor, who is handier than I, to wake up so I can beg him to help me.

There is not enough coffee for this day.

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