I’ve always built my own blogsites…

I’ve always built my own blogsites…

…but I’ve never gotten all these blessed emails regarding making my site more powerful. Is it good SEO? Are there developers that hang out waiting for Shopify sites to be born? 

My inbox is now flooded daily with three paragraph long sentences full of text style spelling -  which I’ve always hated. The senders are all linking fiverr profiles and purporting to be able to do wonderful things for my web presence.

I like fiverr, don’t get me wrong, I’ve hired folks from there to do me up banners over the years for my sock site. If I want site development and social media management I’m not going to the bargain basement marketplace of the internet. 

I learned years ago when a flood of people from one or two very specific countries show up to my sock site, smiling and offering nice things, to lock the garden gate, draw the curtains, and shoot from the 2nd story window. 

It should all simmer down in a couple of  weeks, I hope. Lord Jesus, I got ten more of the emails while I took a few minutes to type this! 

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