Things The Universe Has Taught Me

In each of us are heroes; speak to them and they will come forth. There is no such a thing as a bad number/rune/planet/card, etc. People are constantly trying to jam things into dichotomies. Good/bad, rich/poor, light/dark and all that other nonsense. Vibrational patterns exist on a spectrum. You can be living the less than … [Read more…]

It’s a 17/8 day….

….and that day is covered by The Sun. It’s a day to be your own fairy godmother. Things will get pushed toward resolution today. That doesn’t mean they’ll be over today, but the sun lights a rather large candle under our collective butts so you might end up with singed arse hairs if you don’t … [Read more…]

It was good while it lasted

My social media diet has just been blown. I was so good for a week but then there was this problem that required me to put on my numerologist cape and fly into a friend’s comments section on tiktok and then the dust settled….and I had social media crumbs all over me….and I went back … [Read more…]

It’s been a day

Its nearly 8pm. I am having coffee. I do not care how late it is. Let me tell you about my day. Well, let me just say “Some clients and their energy.” I did not need to be told that this client was anxious because their energy glommed onto me and I felt like a … [Read more…]