Tarot and Suicidal Clients

If that title isn’t a trigger warning then I don’t know what is.  I like to do a little ramble in my blog posts because “Your frank friend having coffee” is my blogging voice. I’m skipping the pleasantries today. I’ve noticed a trend this year.  As 2020 progresses and we become hip deep in the … [Read more…]

So my readings have been on the stabby side lately

So my personal readings have been a little stabby lately. Every deck has been giving me swords. For every question.  Life direction? Swords  Lockdown/immigration questions? Swords Takeout or leftovers? Swords The future of anything? Swords plus Death.  I even pulled out my cheerful, chipper Hallowe’en Tarot because it’s cute and happy. Swords, Death, Tower. Thanks … [Read more…]

The Fool People

These folks are the Mr. McGoos of the world. They’re full of faith, trust, and naïveté. They step out into the world everyday, blind to many things, believing that all will just be OK, because…well….why wouldn’t it be?  These are the people who believe there’s a plan for them. They just go along with things, … [Read more…]

The World People

These are the folks who believe that there are always options open to them. They want to explore all that is there and they don’t take no for an answer. For these folks life is a kaleidoscope and the universe is multidimensional. If they don’t like their reality, they know that other realities exist so … [Read more…]

Judgement People

This card refers to people who have graduated and moved on to other things in life. They may have been promoted, retired, or even laid off. They may be the divorced person who starts dating again. They could be hitting puberty, experiencing menopause, getting a driver’s license, or a degree. They could be someone who … [Read more…]