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Nicole Cormier | Numerologist

Numerology Birth Chart

Numerology Birth Chart

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The great book of you! This is an email, a PDF ebook, not an online appointment. Make sure that you give me an email address that you check.

I will also need your DOB and full name, spelled the way it was spelled on your birth certificate. 

This is a hand drawn chart. I don’t use a computer program to generate a report, I cast my charts the old fashioned way with a pencil and paper. Then I sit down to interpret and photograph it. I use Tarot cards as a visual point for numbers because a jumble of figures doesn’t mean anything to someone, but everyone can understand the pictures on the cards. 

This chart takes the better part of a day to do. It is a labour of love for me so it’s not an instant download. I will contact you to let you know the turnaround time. It is usually 24-48 hours but if I get backed up it could be a few days. 

This is an in-depth description of the numbers in your name and date of birth. It includes: 

  • Cornerstone
  • Expression
  • Heart 
  • Destiny
  • Day of birth skills and challenges 
  • Personal year 
  • Year energy breakdown: triads, personal months, energetic timeline for the year
  • Questions! Do you have questions? Try to think of three questions for me to answer. If the answer isn’t immediately obvious in your year chart, I’ll pull out the Tarot cards. 
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