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Nicole Cormier | Numerologist

Tarot reading

Tarot reading

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šŸŒŸ Allow the Tarot cards to be your guide! šŸŒŸ

Experience the magic of Tarot delivered directly to your inbox as a PDF attachment. This unique reading is curated by none other than Nicole from

šŸ•’ Delivery Timeframe: Please be patient and allow 24-48 hours for your reading to arrive. To ensure a seamless experience, provide an email address that you regularly check.

šŸ”® What We Need from You:

  1. Date of Birth (DOB): The foundation for your reading begins with your DOB.
  2. Your Question: For a more insightful experience, consider framing your reading with a specific question. While we can certainly offer intuitive guidance, the power of Tarot shines when you have a question in mind.

ā­ Guidance, Not Professionals: Keep in mind that we're here to offer guidance and wisdom, but we're not a substitute for professional advice. We're not doctors, lawyers, or accountants.

āœØ A Curse-Free Zone: Rest assured, you have not been cursed unless you've done it to yourself.Ā 

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through Tarot?

šŸ”® Book Your Reading Now and Embrace the Wisdom of Tarot! šŸŒŸ

Yes, ChatGPT helped me write this. No, I am normally not this hyper but I do give a damned good Tarot reading.Ā 

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