Tarot-Numerology Readings

Tarot-Numerology Reading

A typical reading includes a numerology core chart where the client has the opportunity to have some questions answered. Numerology is not mediumship, so it is preferable to tell me what you’d like to know, as you would with an astrologer otherwise it’ll be a general reading. Tarot cards are used to answer questions in conjunction with the chart.

For the chart I will require your full name including maiden name if applicable, as well as date of birth. Time of birth and location are not required. All information is kept in the strictest of confidence. 

Please note: if you’ve had a legal name change, you DO NOT need to share your former name with me. A legal name change closes out that energy. You’ve dealt with it. 

Readings are compiled into a nice Ebook and delivered via email. In the past I’ve tried doing it via Facebook messenger but it hasn’t always worked.


Name Comparisons

Are you changing your name? This is a chart similar to the above, except it contrasts and compares your old energy (former name) and new energy (new name). It’s two core charts – what you’re putting down and what you’re picking up.

Who gets this done? Well, anyone who is changing their name. Some people legally change their names because of adoption, spirituality or religious reasons, immigration, medical transition, their profession, and a whole other variety of reasons. Please note that I do not need to know your reason unless you feel like you want to share it.

Side note: if you’re trans, and you want a rebirth comparison, I can compare your dead name to your new name and your DOB life path to the date of your trans rebirth – for most trans folk, this is the day they received their first hormone shot but it could be a different date for you.

As always, it’s compiled into a nice Ebook and emailed to you.


There seems to be some confusion now and then about the numerology readings. The above two readings are charted by hand and will take the better part of a day. Just so there’s no anxiety – it’s not a mass generated print out like the big divination sites sell. If you don’t get it immediately, this is why. 

Old School Tarot Reading

This is for the person who just wants a Tarot reading. Maybe you’re not interested in Numerology, maybe you’re just used to cards. It is helpful to have a question – you’ll get a more specific reading if you do. I do like to have a client’s DOB because I am a numerologist at heart and your DOB is important to the interpretation of the cards I lay down. I can also use it to do some forecasting in relation to your reading, about your personal year.

As above, this reading is compiled into an Ebook, and delivered via email.


Just A Quickie

For the budget minded, this is one quick question and your DOB. It doesn’t get photographed or written up. It’s filmed and posted on Instagram as a morning episode of Coffee Tarot. I won’t divulge your personal information online so the only way anyone will know who you are, is if you tag yourself or leave a comment.

This will be limited to one or two bookings per morning, Monday to Friday only.


If you’re interested, drop me a line via Instagram messenger or TikTok: thenumerologylady

If you’ve read this far, here are some guidelines to read!

  • The time I schedule for your reading is for me to do the work, not for you to be present. I know that Zoom conferencing is very popular right now, but it’s not my thing.
  • I prefer to do my readings cold this way, without the client present, because I don’t want to be unintentionally led by my client’s body language or tone of voice. Also, if I have to stop for ten minutes to meditate and recentre, or think about a card it’s much easier to do so when no one is present wondering what’s going on.
  • Payment is due before the reading starts. If you are American, I have Venmo. If you are Canadian, I have Interac.


The State of NY would like me to let you know that this is “for entertainment purposes only”