The MaHaBote

No one knows exactly who created this system of astrology. Called “the little key” because it is a compact and easy-to-use system, MaHaBote originated over five centuries ago in Burma. I’ve seen it written on various websites that MaHaBote was created by Buddhist nuns. No one truly knows, but that theory makes the most sense to me because it was in the temples that astrology was taught. What I do know is that creating a system of astrology that could be learned quickly and used by/for commoners at a time when only royalty was allowed to benefit by astrology, was a truly radical act.

Accessible to all

MaHaBote is a system whose calculations are easily learned. No exact time or place of birth is needed. It is designed with portability and ease in mind. A pencil and paper, and basic mathematical skills are all that is required to produce a chart.

MaHaBote can help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. The day you begin learning the MaHaBote is the day you begin to understand yourself a little better.

The chart consists of seven houses into which seven planets are placed. Calculations involving your date of birth are all that is required to cast the chart. This system can stand alone or be used to support a more involved Vedic or Western astrology reading. There are astrologers who use the MaHaBote for this purpose. I use it alongside numerology transits to provide a snapshot of the client’s upcoming year and also for its horary aspect.

For those who find traditional astrology to be overwhelming but still want to learn, “the little key”  makes a great starting point.