Cookies for breakfast

Every now and then I do some actual cooking in the kitchen. Between cutting the cards, tying knots, and pouring all the tea, meals do get made. When the going gets tough, the tough layer over their jangled energy with baking. With HEALTHY baking. This is my favourite cookie recipe. I’m rather big on not … [Read more…]

What lights my soul on fire?

7 Rada (7 of Swords) Erzulie Freda Dahomey The 7 of Swords seems like a strange card to describe what lights someone’s soul on fire, if you’re used to reading with a RWS style deck. This is one of those times that the image on the card is more important than it’s accepted book meaning. … [Read more…]

What goal do I need to recommit to?

Day 3 of HealingThruTarot and Blogging With Effy Dr. John Dr. John is an important figure in New Orleans Voodoo. The original Dr. John was an African drummer in the early 1800s. Since then others have channeled the good doctor, drumming messages into existence, creating a link to the spirit world. Drummers occupy a position … [Read more…]