The Emperor People

The Emperor is a powerful, controlling force to be reckoned with. This is the manager that people tiptoe around. This person is successful, knowledgeable, blunt, and can read people like a book. The approval of an Emperor person is conditional. 

This is the traditional “Father Knows Best” energy. Where The Empress will tenderly bandage your skinned knee and listen to you cry, The Emperor will tell you to quit your crying and get your ass back on that bike. This person believes in you, but they are action/results oriented and ambitious. You have to prove yourself to them. 

When drawing from the negative end of the Four spectrum, this is a power hungry person. Quitting is for losers and losers never win – and they’re no quitter even when the situation might dictate otherwise. They can become very competitive with people they know, even friends, keeping up with the Joneses, just for the sake of being top dog. 

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