The Hierophant People

This is a person who has lived much. Hierophant people have had many interesting experiences. They possess a vast knowledge base. They love to share. They’re more than happy to give their time to teach all who come to them. 

More extroverted than the High Priestess, they have no problem communicating an opinion regardless of whether or not it will be well received. Unlike the High Priestess their great spiritual knowledge comes from being in the middle of the shitstorm. Their experience is gained by diving in and doing. They’ll think about the potential consequences later. 

They have been there and done that, and sometimes that can be a problem. In their zeal to teach and share, they can go from preacher to preachy. They forget, while pontificating, that someone else’s experience might be different from theirs. Sometimes they view people, places, and events as static and unchanging. 

Hierophant people can be the out of touch uncle who won’t shut up at the family BBQ. We know, we know, you lived in the jungles of Cambodia before it was cool and you remember when houses cost a nickel. OK, Boomer. 

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