The World People

These are the folks who believe that there are always options open to them. They want to explore all that is there and they don’t take no for an answer. For these folks life is a kaleidoscope and the universe is multidimensional. If they don’t like their reality, they know that other realities exist so they change course to invite the possibility. 

World people are folks whose eyes have been opened. They’ve experienced greater awareness. They understand their privilege. They want to use their power for good. World people want to embrace everything. Maybe they’ve had a breakthrough in therapy, maybe they’ve had a spiritual awakening or just survived the impossible. Maybe they poured coconut oil on their life, who knows. They’re the most positive people you know. 

But no one is full of joie de vivre all the time, are they? On a shitty day, being open to everything means embracing nothing. It’s being the most magnetic person in the room but connecting with no one. It’s the paralysis that comes with wanting to privilege someone or something but being afraid to because you want everyone and everything to be equal. For those who are genuinely woke, it’s the crushing, depressing responsibility that comes with this newfound awareness.

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