The Fool People

These folks are the Mr. McGoos of the world. They’re full of faith, trust, and naïveté. They step out into the world everyday, blind to many things, believing that all will just be OK, because…well….why wouldn’t it be? 

These are the people who believe there’s a plan for them. They just go along with things, happily trusting that “God knows” or “the Universe has a plan”. Their ability to trust the process and others around them boggles we jaded bitches. 

A lot of the time, though, these people experience huge letdowns when they get out into the world. They zoom passively along on happy thoughts and good intentions until BOOM. The brick wall of reality knocks them square in their ass. 

Confronted with disillusionment and loss, these folks break down. They’re looking for someone to save them, when they need to look in the mirror. The stereotypical “Millennial Meltdown” comes to mind but it can happen to anyone of any generation.

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