Feather & Fan Tunisian Crochet

I did a feather & fan lace pattern for Tunisian crochet about four years ago, at my old blog tunisiancrochet.net. I adapted an old knitting pattern I had. I’ve tweaked it, though, since then. It’s not much different than it was. The grand old change I made was to add two stitches to the count, so that there is a selvedge on both ends of the row. This is much neater and tidier and it means that Row One doesn’t start with a decrease.

Pattern Multiple of 17 stitches plus 2, one for a selvedge at either end

Special stitches:

Tfs= Tunisian full stitch. This is a stitch picked up between two existing stitches or in the hole created by a yarn over.

YO = wrap the yarn around the hook. This creates an extra stitch and a decorative little eyelet hole in your work.

Foundation row: Standard TSS forward and return pass

Remember: The very first loop on your hook is the working loop and isn’t charted as a stitch. So when you make your first decrease, don’t struggle trying to do it with that first loop. Like the TSS at the end of each row, it makes a nice neat selvedge up the side of your work.

Row 1: *TSS2tog 3 times, (YO, Tss) five times, YO, (TSS2tog) three times* TSS in last stitch. Standard return pass.

Row 2: *TSS in first three stitches, (TFS, TSS) five times, TFS, TSS in last three stitches* Standard return pass. Repeat these two rows until item is desired length. End on Row2, BO in pattern.

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