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Saturday coffee rambling

My massage table, all set up and ready for the wife. She’ll need a facial and a massage. She won’t argue.

My wife comes home tonight. I half thought she’d be home yesterday evening but everyone is working today.

So last night, a friend of ours, Griselda, came by the house unexpectedly. Really unexpectedly. Griselda has not left her house since the pandemic started. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but not totally. She left her job as a respiratory therapist and retired early on in the pandemic when people were really freaking the fuck out. It was nice to see her. We went out for a drive through New Hartford, we walked around through Clinton, and then stopped for a burger and fries. Then she wanted to go to Michaels. MICHAELS. YES. PLEASE.

She wanted one little flower pot  I spent 30 minutes in the art section stroking all of the big pads of sketch paper, Bristol, watercolour blocks  – you name it, I fondled it. I flicked the pages and inhaled New Sketch Book Smell.

I left with a bunch of yarn. In years past, I used to do a free pattern every year for Pride picnic blankets. Then I fell into a hole full of meh while I was living in Ottawa and I stopped crocheting. It’s nice to want to make things again.

All the pretties! And WHITE PENCILS. I swear sometimes I eat them in my sleep because I go through them like water. No trip to Michaels is complete without chocolate. It’s so good of them to provide Lindt and Godiva at the counter.

Just for shits and giggles I did an astrocartography chart to see what it had to say. I have a Mars line that cuts right through Winnipeg and a Saturn line that runs alongside Ottawa. Ahem Well now, that puts some things into perspective. snicker

I want to do a blanket for the MMIW but I don’t know what to do or who to give it to. I have a design percolating in my head that is reminiscent of a ribbon skirt. I feel like if I sold one on my own I don’t have the name or the clout to get a good price for it and then there’s the confusion of who to donate to. Not all organizations are equal and this is becoming such a trendy thing now, that groups are popping up everywhere. So, searching that out this weekend.

And this coffee is almost done so it’s time to put the laundry on before I end up having to wear a cocktail dress out to Aldi and get this day conquered.

The conversation had earlier with a relative. It’s really time to do the laundry.

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