Let’s use astrology to tell my buddy C about his crapulence.

This is a longety long ass post, for those of you with TikTok attention spans.

My friend C vented his spleen at me the other night. I offered to run a chart for him.

TL;DR: C has the chart of a caped crusader who fixes everything for his woman. He’s a cape over the puddle kind of guy. Awww. Gets him bitten a lot, it does. He naturally attracts women who need “fixing” and this manifests as either abused women with trauma or women with long-term health complications. Never a well-adjusted healthy woman – wherever they are. LOL. So this answers the WHY? but stick around for the explanation anyway. Make a sandwich, it’ll be fun.

I’m studying Vedic astrology. I’ve been half-assing it since 1998 but I made the commitment on the January 2022 new moon to become a better student. I signed up with Janet Perez, got a copy of Hart De Fouw’s Light On Life and got to it. Twenty years ago I had a copy of How To Practice Vedic Astrology by Andrew Bloomfield so I recently acquired a used copy of that as well. I also have a copy of Ryan Kurczak’s The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology: The Foundation Course on Kindle. They’re all great books with different approaches.

I’m also going back to full-time Mahabote (Burmese) Astrology. That link takes you to a PDF introduction for a kofi tier I’m adding as soon as I have at least six weeks of content. I studied that 12 years ago and I find it interesting but not shocking that I’m picking it back up at the Jupiter return for when I started. I had stopped using it all the time when I moved to Ottawa. Everything shifted in 2016 and although leaving Winnipeg was the right thing to do, my routine changed 100%.

So I’ll do C’s Vedic chart and cover it here bit by bit but I want to start by sharing his Mahabote chart. I actually don’t have to do his Vedic chart to answer his question but it’s good practice for me. I have to get out of my own way and start doing Vedic charts at some point. Now seems as good a time as any.

I covered his identity with a disposable picnic knife because I’m classy that way. Also, there is a coffee stain on the paper. This is the Maritime Mystic’s Kitchen and not the Maritime Mystic’s Plastic Covered Living Room, so you have to expect these things. You’ll get used to me.

So the first thing you’ll notice, especially if you are an astrologer is that this chart is small. There are only seven houses and no zodiac signs. The houses do not relate to specific parts of life in the way that Western or Vedic houses do. Although my friend’s birth time is there it is not necessary to know. Neither is his birth location. This is why I love Mahabote. It’s compact and not overwhelming at all. You would think that with such a small system that you can’t get up close and personal but the opposite is true.

So let’s get right into it.

His natal chart is the one labeled 1969. His transit chart is labeled 2022. There is an asterisk marking the Moon because he was born on Monday. His chart shows Jupiter in the House of Leader with a Moon chart lord so he’s a complicated boo-boo right out of the gate.

In Mahabote, Jupiter and the Moon are both friends and enemies so I just refer to them as frenemies. How do you know when they’re making nice and when they’re purposely tripping each other? That comes with time and practice.

His chart lord is in the House of Sickly. Anything in this house is afflicted. C used to suppress a lot of emotion, and deny his intuitive side and as chart lord this infuses the other houses. Venus is in the House of Kingly Position above the Moon. He looks to the women in his life for emotional support and validation. He’ll read this and probably disagree but I’m ok with that.

The house Venus occupies shows what he will strive to achieve in this lifetime. He strives to get in touch with his feminine side and that nurturing, intuitive energy we associate with women. The heart of his chart, the House of Wealth, contains Mars. Now Mars and Venus combine to become the planetary power couple of Mahabote but Mars at his center infuses every house with Commander-In-Chief, results-oriented, masculine energy.

I’m not going through the whole natal chart. Just the parts I need to look at to answer his question, which was why does he end up with the women he ends up with? Incidentally, when I ran his Vedic chart I didn’t have to go past his first house to answer his question. Some things are just that obvious to the trained eye.

The conflict between the Moon and Jupiter is hard to ignore. They are both healers and both reflect the desire C has to fix everything for everyone and make life easier. Jupiter is direct 1-2-3 energy, though, and the Moon works indirectly through expansion and contraction. When looked at with respect to their houses and chart lord, it’s easy to see someone who pours their heart and soul into fixing people, more specifically, women who are somehow sick or “damaged” (Venus above the afflicted Moon).

Hey C! That’s why you’re always literally taking care of sick women. You should have been a doctor; then you could be paid for this. Alright, we’re done here. I’ll forward my bill.

But let’s look at this year and see what’s transiting through his chart because he’s having some consternation right. now.

So C’s chart lord is in the House of Leader this year. Because the Moon is afflicted in the natal chart, when she packs her suitcase to visit the House of Leader she takes some of that affliction with her. His natal Jupiter has been bumped down to the House of Impermanence. This means that the qualities of Jupiter that rule his chart are stunted and can’t be counted on.

In plain words, the energies at play in his life support disordered thinking and moodiness. Drama. Illogical responses. Indirect approaches. Nothing about C is slow moving or indirect. His birth chart is that of a direct, reasoned, hard working, results-oriented person. Transiting Mars is pushing his natal Venus for answers. In other words, he is beating himself up for not being able to fix things. But also, he’s picking at the girlfriend to stop hiding behind her divorce drama. Haaa haaaaa. Good luck with that.

What things?

He is involved with another woman who needs physical fixing and he can’t do anything to help her. He’s rather frustrated with himself. Venus started transiting the House of Sickly when his girlfriend’s long term illness treatment took a new and not great direction.

Saturn is transiting his House of Wealth, putting the clampers on his natal Mars. Saturn places restrictions wherever he goes. So while Saturn transits C’s natal Mars, there will be no movement on his part and indeed, because she also has Covid, he can’t even see her.

Now let’s look at long and short term cycles. C started a major Jupiter period a few years ago on his 50th birthday. This is a 19 year period of growth and prosperity. It can also be a very spiritual time for C and indeed it has.

As of his birthday recently, he has begun a Rahu minor period. In Mahabote, Rahu is necessary upheaval. It can bring worldly success. Rahu clears the path.

Together, these two periods constitute a challenging year for C. He can grow and become successful in his endeavors but he’s going to let go of some things. Traditionally Jupiter + Rahu meant trouble with children or other related obligations so in all likelihood C will have to put his girlfriend with her long term illness, ex-husband drama, and come here/go away commitment issues on the back burner. His daughter and son in law just welcomed a second baby to the family so he may need to make grandfatherly duties a greater priority. This ties in nicely with my write up at kofi about the September numerological energy and obligation to family.

There are a lot of other things I see in his charts but we are just looking at his one question right now.

Are things fated to happen? That I can not say. I see the planets as a reflection of what is going on in this world, not as a causal factor.

Anyway, I’ve written more than you’re probably used to reading so I’ll stop right here. I will provide updates, though.

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