Numerology for the collective: March is a wild ride

 I have written and rewritten this so many times throughout February because the energy is so wild. I’ve decided to honour the rules of Dla Hlaw Than and my late padrino Antonio and just tell you my interpretations even though it seems like a crazy mess to me. 

The energy of 10/1 brings sudden revolution and surprise transformations to us this month. Within a 7 year this is also a bolt of crazy that can make a Pol Pot out of the Dalai Lama. Watch the world news for “sacrifices” pleasing to “God”.  People famous and ordinary  are going to do some freaky things that will take us by surprise. We may be tempted to go down conspiracy theory rabbit holes in regards to environmental issues, accidents, *glances at Ohio*…..but it’s not a conspiracy, folks. The numerology of 2023/7/Ketu supports systems breaking apart and we’re seeing it play out. The conspiracy theory is that if you cut corners, eventually the machine falls apart where people can see. The aspect between the year and last month/this month makes it more apparent. 

The Tarot Angle 

Get out your Tarot cards and study The Wheel of Fortune in conjunction with The Chariot. You can take Judgement and the King of Wands (20+23) and set them aside for now. 

The nature of 7 is to seek solitude and isolation away from everyone. It seeks the abandonment of the material world, preferring to exist in a world of theories, paradigms, and metaphysics. In The Chariot, the charioteer is typically pictured in a battle wagon. He can live, travel, and fight if need be, from the same vehicle. When he’s done he just packs up his toys and goes. He’s never homeless or lost. Like the crab of Cancer, the modern ruler of The Chariot card, he carries his home with him. The modern emanation of this is the #vanlife and #tinyhouse movement. 

The nature of 10/1 is to create sudden change that happen quickly and can’t be stopped. The cycle already ended with 9; 10 is the collective hesitation before moving on. The space between action and reaction. Put a drop of water on your finger and watch it quiver before it falls. That’s 10/1. That hesitation and eventual fall. 

In the great wide world – because this is a set of universal numbers and not personal ones – we as a collective will need to exercise adaptability and flexibility. Old ties will start breaking, so look to the “Kings”. Remember, 2023 is Judgment + King of Wands, so expect a lot of “untouchable” powerful men in our world to come tumbling down the mountain. Look to the leaders; the businessmen, actual kings, elected officials, warlords, gang leaders – they’re crumbling but it’ll become more obvious this month. 

The Numerology 

A little closer to home: 

This number energy can also stir up the things we think we’ve dealt with or don’t consider to be a big deal. This month don’t be surprised if things you’ve brushed off show up all beefy and ready to arm wrestle. This could be in any area of life, from financial to personal, to health. Anything. 

Belief systems get a shake this month. The aspect between 10 and 7 is pretty discordant. The desire to plow forward into the crowd and be seen as an individual will fluctuate with the desire to contemplate and process some alternative points of view. It won’t kill you to button your lip and let someone with a different belief have the floor. If you’re so secure in your own beliefs and righteousness, then what exactly is the problem? You are under no obligation to accept this new information in any way but it IS the nature of the 10/7 aspect to create new paths and belief through destruction so if you like the narrow path, maybe just put your phone down and go do some dishes. 

The year energy is impacted in some interesting ways as well. Our 7/Ketu universal year shifts into interest in rituals that are highly mystical during the  month of March. Witch shop owners, prepare for a wee run on noobs wanting to summon demons or cast obsession spells. As I write this in February, my feed is starting to show the trickling signs of this beginning.

I spend a lot of my social media time in #witchtok and the whole “Who can practice” which is always an evergreen topic for clout, will continue to get more blowback from creators at all levels. Owing to the nature of the 7/10 aspect, expect to see more practitioners than usual playing shoulders with people they consider to be interlopers…..and because this is a 7 universal year people will not be going along to get along and quietly shutting up like they did last year. They’ll be clapping back in greater numbers. 

The loudest mouths in many social media communities are going to discover that they really are just a loud minority.  So if you’re one of those folks that likes to chastise people on social media and you find yourself saying things like “No hate to this creator, but…./I don’t want my followers to attack this person, but…./This (insert thing here) is problematic/I need you to stop (insert thing that’s none of your business anyway)” If you’re that person, whether you’re in a position to judge or not, gird your loins for a good clapping back. 

And remember folks, a common sense interjection: it’s not that these things can’t happen any day of any month in any year – the numerology simply supports it this month so you’ll see more of it because the universal energy affects you, too. You can have a perfectly ordinary month with absolutely zero hoohaw if you chose to ignore the background noise. If you choose to jump into the shitcauldron then forewarned is forearmed. 

The energy of 10/1 (Uranus) in relation to 7 (Ketu) also corresponds to things that run on electricity, the internet, and fibre optic communication. So you know, look for some interesting times there, too. This could look like issues within larger networks like banking, investments, government, or major websites that many of us use. It could also be harsh words in the media or just out and about in the world: more jerk drivers, rage at the checkout, fighting words at the tavern. 

Check your Facebook memories 

The last time March was a 10/1 universal month in a 7 universal year was 2014. Check your Facebook memories. Were you starting anything? Were there big surprises for you in the world back then? What themes were active that month? What is repeating? 

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