Leaving My Comfort Zone

I sent my first newsletter today.

Then I made my first automation and workflow.

Full disclosure, I want to curl up somewhere with Pepto Bismol. My stomach is in knots. I have needed to do these things for years – YEARS – and I have carefully avoided them.


If I’m actually going to do something with this blog then I have to actually start doing something other than blogging. All the great blog posts in the world don’t mean shit if no one knows I’m out here doing the thing.

Its funny, but when I’m at work in a salon or spa, I have zero problem with selling. All of my in person clients get upsold. If you’re getting your underarms sugared, then guess what? You’re probably getting your lip and chin done. too. You didn’t know it, but I’m asking for that sale. When I work in a place that has retail, I usually blow right through the esthetics sales records. You’re buying something. You might not buy it today, but I’ll plant that seed.

So why I have such an issue with it online is beyond me, but I choke right up. So if you’re reading my newsletter and I seem more awkward than usual, this is why. I’m pushing myself to do something that I NEVER EVER DO.

I feel like I need to brush my hair or eat a cookie or something.

Remember! As you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!!

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