Situations that don’t get refunds

I don’t sell physical items at this time. What I sell are readings via email and digital download products. If you’re unhappy with what you’ve purchased, you can’t return it because it’s not a physical thing. I’m in no mood to be scammed by people who threaten social media cancellation or a bombardment of bad reviews because they want to get a reading or ebook for free and this is how they are going to go about it. I’ve been in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years so I promise, if you’re that person, I’m a bigger bitch than you.

  • Screaming at me in all caps because you didn’t like your reading will not help you get your money back. That’s on you. Whether you like what I had to say or not, the price is the price.
  • Deciding shortly after receiving your reading that it was a mistake is on you. Some of my really big charts cost $200 and take 12 hours to interpret and type up. If you aren’t 100% certain that you want a reading, don’t get one.
  • Pretending to be your mother and telling me that it was your child I just read for and so you should get a refund won’t work, either.
  • Telling me that your email bounced when I can clearly see that it did not, also won’t work. Not my first rodeo.
  • Deciding that you found Jesus won’t get you a refund.
  • Your husband being mad that you bought a reading is also on you. Either curb your spending or don’t stay with someone who controls you financially.
  • Messaging me to tell me that you don’t have grocery money and could you please have a refund is OLD. If that is your M.O. go scam someone else.
  • If you insist that I took your money for a reading when in fact I did not and have zero record of it is also OLD. Go away. I have better things to do.