Tarot Readings

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Tarot is both an art and a disciplined practice. Like the ancient adage, “As above, so below”, the cards reflect what is occurring in a seeker’s life. With Nicole’s knowledge of Chaldean numerology, Mahabote, and mastery of these prophetic cards, she brings insight and guidance into the areas of life her clients wish to explore.

Using the tools available to her, Nicole addresses and identifies which areas of your life require unraveling. It is not necessary to have specific questions although some clients might.  Oftentimes the best readings come from simply asking the universe what the client needs to know most at that time. From that point patterns emerge and the reading can move in a variety of directions.

Sitting down at the kitchen table with Nicole can be described as “tea with your auntie”. With her extensive knowledge of the numbers, planets, and cards, and 34 years of experience, Nicole can help bring light into dark areas. Her friendly but direct way of reading will ferret out answers allowing you to move forward through life with grace and guidance.


Readings at the kitchen table: $50

60 minutes

Payment accepted:

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