Relationship life paths

This is a great way to quickly look at the combined path of two people when they walk the world together. Rather than give compatibility, it blends life paths together to show the new synergy created by two people when they form a union. I first learned this calculation in Sue Frederick’s book, “I See Your Soul Mate”. It is a great book that focuses specifically on this calculation as it pertains to romantic relationships. 

Calculating it is easy!

First, you figure out the two separate life paths, then you add them together. 

Your life path number is determined by writing out your whole DOB and adding each number straight across. If the result is a double digit number, add those numbers again to get a single digit. If your double digit is a master number, like 11, 22, 33, etc. do not reduce. 

Once you’ve figured out the two life paths, add them together and proceed as before: reduce to a value from 1-9 or a master number. 

Here are some examples: 

July 18, 1993 and October 7, 1996

7+1+8+1+9+9+3= 38 3+8=11 The life path number is 11.

1+0+7+1+9+9+6=33 The life path number is 33. 

Add together straight across as before:


You could also add these two master numbers together as they are: 33+11=44 but it’s easiest to look at single digit relationship life paths (abbreviated as RLP from now on).

So the RLP is 8.

A lot of my random examples end up being master numbers when the calculations are all said and done. I just want people to know that I don’t intentionally pick master numbers. It just happens!! 

One more thing!

This doesn’t have to be limited to just romantic relationships or even to only two people. I have calculated RLPs for work teams, best friends, parents and children, and for “non-traditional” relationships like polycules and throuples. Just calculate everyone’s life path and add them all together like above. In larger groups where small clusters are emerging, you can get really fancy and compare the RLPs of the smaller clusters to the RLP of the overall group. 

The RLP interpretations

This isn’t super in-depth, but it’s a start. I don’t want to rewrite Sue’s book for her, so for more information grab a copy of her book! 

 1 RLP

This partnership encourages speaking out and taking charge of your destiny. You’ll succeed in this relationship if you both operate in your own independent spheres with little overlap. You’ll mostly evolve independently of each other and maintain your own interests. The challenge will be to create intimacy and connect with each other. 

 2 RLP

Connecting intimately with each other is the gift of this relationship. You’ll bond and be practically joined at the hip. The challenge is that you might just want to carry each other in your hearts, not in the passenger seat, all the time. A little time spent pursuing separate interests can be a very good thing for the couple that is so tight they can practically read each other’s minds. 


You’ll enjoy being social and amazing together! You’ll throw the best parties, know the most interesting people, and never be at a loss for what to do on a Friday night. The FOMO and YOLO is strong in this relationship, but it is possible to feel lonely in that crowded cookout. Don’t be afraid to share vulnerability with each other and do some quiet couple things now and then. 


There is a lot of stubborn energy generated in this relationship. You both believe you’re correct and this can create competition and friction. You need to find ways to burn that energy off: walking, swimming, working out. Although 4 is typically seen by many numerologists as practical and grounded, a 4 RLP can create a lot of drama especially if feelings are never discussed – which is a distinct possibility. Regular check-ins are in order. 


You have an inquisitive, forward-thinking connection. Explore all of your curiosities together – foods, drinks, philosophies, new places, sex. This can be a very financially successful relationship as well – you’d both shine in a shared business. Just watch the excesses, and know when to draw the line in indulgences and experiences.


This relationship energy supports enduring and long-lasting love. You’re in it for the long haul. Find a place to live where you can take root and become community members, not just people who sleep at 123 Main St and spend their time somewhere else. Become involved politically and socially, build connections together. Just remember to cultivate separate interests so that you don’t lose yourselves in all the homey togetherness. 


Your environment will be a pristine sanctuary. The intellectual connection is strong – count on many late-night, possibly wine-soaked conversations where you solve all the world’s problems before tumbling into bed together. Overcoming the intellectual bond and leaving your heads to enter your bodies will be a challenge, but you can rise to it. 


Passion and power are the name of the game for you two! There is a lot of deep, dark sensual energy between you and it needs to be managed carefully so that boundaries don’t get crossed. You can be the ultimate power couple if you channel some of that unbridled lust into passion projects that you can work on together: renovating and flipping homes, a side gig as financial advisors or real estate agents – something that allows you to advance. 


Go where the wind takes you! This isn’t going to be possible for most of us since we aren’t independently wealthy, so I suggest weekend roadtrips in the RV or on a motorcycle. Take up whitewater rafting or dare each other into bungee-jumping, push each other into running a marathon. Get out and do things together. Be that couple who spends the weekends on their bikes out in the state park. Staying at home night after night doing the chicken on Wednesdays/sex on Saturdays routine isn’t you two. 



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