The Empress People

This is a person who is nurturing, supportive, and parental. Empress people make us feel safe. They express many of the qualities we would call “maternal”. These are the comforting people who kiss our booboos and provide unconditional love – “mother’s love”. 

People represented by this card will show up when you need them. They’ll hold your hand when you have to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. They’ll cover your rent if you’re short or bring you a casserole when you’re sick. Empress people will stage mom their way into something, to help you get your foot in the door  

On a shitty day, they’re Mother Goldberg. You can’t get them off your leg fast enough. Their desire to be good to you becomes smothering. Empress people can become hurt and disillusioned quickly when they are confronted with someone’s imperfections or need for independent growth.

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