The Lovers People

These are people that like to collaborate with others. They love cooperative efforts and are superb team players. They have a knack for bringing the right people together at the right time. 

The Lovers people often walk the middle road and are lovers of harmony, balance, and fairness. These are non confrontational people who make good mediators. The Lovers people just want to help in any way they can.   

Like the other even numbers, they contain an element of self-sacrifice. Their boundaries are less fluid than the Two (High Priestess) and less fixed than the Four (The Emperor). They will take in all angles of information and work for the highest good. 

On a crappy day they can be in denial about combining opposing people, forces, or ideas. They have a pathological, clawing need for harmony at all costs. They don’t want to ruffle feathers. They’ll stretch, bend, or omit things to keep the peace. It’s easier to herd cats than it is to get a definitive yes or no out of this person.

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