The Hermit People

These are the keepers of wise council. Nine Is a number that contains all other numbers within it. Within these people are all the experiences of the number spectrum. Hermit people have an awareness of everything around them. 

These are the folks who know all the stories, all the histories, and all the dirt. They know the right number to call and what government department you need. They just know everything. Like the other wisdom keepers of the Tarot, you have to come to them. It’s rare that a Hermit person will offer unsolicited advice. In some cases you’ll have to do work to get the information that you seek – The Hermit does live on a mountain top, after all. 

Because they know so much, they are often detached and impersonal. Nines are more aloof than the other numbers. They know how the song ends so they’re not as hopped up about a thing as you are. This can be really frustrating when you’re passionate about something and feel dismissed. They can also hang on to a lot of useless information. There’s so much in their head that it’s impossible to have a five minute exchange. You’re going to sit there and listen to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, whether you like it or not. Bring snacks. 

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