The Wheel of Fortune People

These are the folks who do their thing and go. They’re the transients in our lives, here for a good time not a long time. They set things in motion. Ten is an intensification of One. These people are often catalysts or initiators of great things. I liken the energy of Ten to a drop of water on the edge of a faucet. It hesitates and quivers, then falls and creates a sea of ripples that affect everything. 

Wheel people are usually dramatic and noticed. Ten’s energy is strong and far reaching. There is the odd time they are subtle and indirect, like the good guy at the gas station who tells you to take this road instead of that road because it’s faster. You arrive at your destination on time and make a needed connection. 

On a shitty day, Wheel people feel ineffectual and may not see their own importance. They keep still or silent, not realizing their worth in contributing. Sometimes they contribute too much and create a tangled web of events that disrupts everything around them. They can also be the person that dumps their mess, thinking the universe will sort it out, believing they need chaos for meaningful change.

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