The Temperance People

Temperance people are the alchemists of joy. These are creative, sharing people who like to come together to uplift those around them. The cards can show individuals OR groups of people but this card is more likely than not, to be two or more people, or a group like a collective. 

These are the folks that can merge many disparate ideas into one concept. They take ideas and give the form in the physical world. They see the beauty in everything and everyone around them. They are the artists, sculptors, musicians, therapists, and outreach workers of the universe. 

However, at the shitty end of the spectrum, they are the hug you refused but got anyway. They are the help forced but not wanted, or the type of attention that can leave a person feeling violated but unsure of what just happened. When Temperance people channel from the swamp instead of the stream, their creations are meant only to shock because they are acting out their issues.

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