The Star People

Star people are the finders and manifestors. If they don’t possess the money, skill, or resource that you need, they can certainly find it. They have a finger on the pulse of the universe. Their faith and optimism makes manifestation look effortless. After all those a Tower people, they’re a welcome respite  

These are your right hand people. You don’t know what you’d do without them. They rock at directing resources and coordinating everyone and everything. Like Miss Moneypenny, they know just what is needed and they save your ass. When Star people go on vacation they are desperately missed at the office. 

Like Miss Moneypenny, these folks also know all your weaknesses. Never forget that 17 reduces to 8. If ever they decide that they’re done cleaning up your mess, they feel taken for granted, or they’re not getting credit for all they do – and they do know what they do – Star people can knock you right back down. They know where the money goes and they know what had to go into getting you elected/promoted/noticed. The day they decide to flip the switch, you’re going down, bitch. 

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