Tuesday Coffee Rambling

I got up, fed the kitties, and went back to bed “for thirty minutes”. I woke up two hours later.

The allergy protocol I’m on can make me VERY DOZEY. I don’t always get like this but every now and then that night time Benadryl hits HARD. I’m waiting to find out if insurance will cover allergy shots because it’s either a year of those or pills for life. I was so happy to be one of those adults that wasn’t on pills for life, so I’m hoping they’ll cover the shots and can go back to taking just vitamins every day.

I went shopping for a kettlebell yesterday. I used to be an obsessive workout fiend. Then my routine just slowly fell apart when I moved to Ottawa. I have one kettlebell but it’s too heavy to start out with. Holy shitballs have they gone up in price! Thanks pandemic! My Maritime cheap gene was activated in Target last night, so I’ll figure out what activities I can do to build strength so I can eventually use the kettlebell that I’ve got.

The core yoga flow I’ve been doing has stopped making me drip sweat into my eyeballs. Yesterday I was just dewy and MOIST when I finished, so it’s time to switch it up. Muscle memory is kicking in. My body wants to be in shape again and it’s reminding me of this. That’s the thing about getting back up. Your body remembers and it likes to be pushed. We were not meant to be stuck in offices, sitting at desks. Moving is healthy.

As much as this Tarot challenge has churned up some shit for me, it’s also been good. I’ve started to look at people and things in my life differently. It’s been a while since I’ve done one. I have a feeling I’ll do it next year if HealingThruTarot hosts it again.

I crinkled a bread bag because I haven’t seen MDK since I fed him and was rewarded with two ears perking up. He knows it not the treat bag, though, so that’s all I’m getting.

I was slack and didn’t do my meal prep for the week. This resulted in me being hungry in Target last night and a box of Oreo cookie pop tarts and a loaf of sourdough bread coming home with me. So naturally I had a sandwich and pop tart when I got home. My body rewarded me with heartburn and bloating. Meal prep. Now. Go!

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