Monday ramble, COVID-19, The Tower, The Chariot, and The Lovers

This is me rambling. If I was feeling fancy, I’d call it a stream of consciousness session. If I was old school, I’d call it automatic writing. I am feeling neither fancy nor old school, having just run my coffee machine sans coffee mug. That’s a sound that made me forget that I have stiff joints in the morning. 

I set my grumbling aside and did my day one of Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days To Abundance. My friend Julie is running this as a group program and I thought, “Eh, why not” when she invited me. I’m only at the beginning so I have no earth shattering insights to share. I did laugh a little after I was done, though. The previous evening another friend posted one of those “intuitive speller” memes on her astrology page and I did it: 

I’m laughing because participation in a Deepak Chopra program feels like wading straight into the new age woo, removing my floaties, and tempting fate in the deep end. We’ll see. If I start to develop a craving for PinkBerry, or hashtags like #bossbabe show up in my social media, then I’m probably beyond help and you should just walk away. But hey, according to Kat I have the universe on speed dial so we’ll see. 
Rambling on……
In early January I was doing predictive timelines and forecasting for people that I knew. Now I use Tarot cards as a visual aid to my number charts because it’s hard for people to look at a list of numbers and say, “Oh yeah, I can totally see the uphill climb I’ll be having at work in February.” A nice artsy deck with lots of pictures and bright juicy colours is much easier to use. “Ok, so I’m going to be like that guy with all those sticks, fighting off the other guys trying to come up the hill.”  Much, much easier. 
I was seeing a lot – a lot – of really crappy numbers. I know, I know, we aren’t supposed to say there are crappy numbers but there are and you know it and I know it. Anyway, I was seeing a greater than normal amount of numbers that related to the fives in the Tarot, as well as the ever popular Three of Swords, Nine of Swords, The Tower, and Death. In talking to others who work as astrologers and other assorted purveyors of the divinatory arts, I came to the conclusion like they did, that something shitty was about to happen. To everyone. Everywhere. 
Now we aren’t supposed to be that lofty as Technicians of the Sacred. We are supposed to be “for entertainment purposes only”. We aren’t supposed to be “right” because then we could be also be “wrong” and in a litigious Western culture being right or wrong could get us into trouble, depending on the client in the moment. Needless to say, we started doing things: stocking up, paring down bills, moving investments to safer plans if we had those, getting our shit together. We told friends. Mostly we were ignored. Mainly, as I remember it, because I couldn’t tell anyone EXACTLY what was going to happen. I just knew that my friends with cancer were going to have interruptions to their health care that would affect them over the long term. I just knew that my friends asking about investments were going to have a lot of issues. I just knew that those asking about their their careers were going to be in receipt of a lot of government assistance and/or retraining. A lot of my friends were going to suddenly end careers. None of we Technicians of the Sacred could look at our tools and interpret from this that there would be a global pandemic that would upend the world economy, cause spikes in homelessness, addictions, and domestic violence, cause vital health care resources like coronary care, cancer care, and transplants to be shut down as money/staff was diverted to fight a virus potentially worse than the Spanish Flu. With a civil rights movement sprinkled on top, no less. But boy howdy, do we now have a divinatory frame of reference for such fuckery. I hope all you readers, astrologers, etc were taking notes this year. 
I’m remembering all this because I noticed something in my readings today – that everyone’s numbers and cards have shifted in the last four weeks. Astrologically we’ve been given a breather until mid December. So enjoy it now and stock up bitches, because Saturn rolls back into Aquarius this December for more global frivolity and havoc until March 2023. 
But yes, the shift in numbers. Rambling, remember? 
I’ve gone from seeing a star studded review of EVERY SHITTY CARD IN THE DECK to The Chariot, The Lovers, and Judgement. Eights and Aces have replaced the fives. People are assuming new roles as Helpers (The Lovers) and Leaders (The Chariot). They’re shifting and graduating away from their old lives and into completely new ones (Judgement). They’re not fighting amongst themselves or crying and rocking back and forth on their couch (the fives) but instead they’re realizing the power of goodbye and the illusion of what they must do or think (the eights). If you’re wondering where all this comes from, when I read cards, I get clients to randomly pick a specified amount of numbers from 1-78. Then I pull the corresponding cards. I read the numbers as they are expressed through the cards. It shocks the shit out of  people that they chose numbers relating to exactly what is going on in their lives. I like this better than shuffling because people tend not to focus when they shuffle. I still do the old school shuffle now and then,and even those clients are getting the same results. 
Now this doesn’t mean that people aren’t still struggling. I’ve read for clients all over the world and their struggles, while different, are very real and ongoing. But things ARE shifting. We are only in the beginning, FYI, this process will take a few years and by the time Saturn does leave Aquarius for another few decades, some of y’all are going to know why your grandmother flicked the crumbs off her parchment paper, folded it carefully, and put it away. 
Ramble done. 
And now for more café. 

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