Today’s Numerological Weather: Emotional, with bursts of “You’re not the boss of me!”

Today’s universal numerology, depending on how you add your numbers, is going to be either 40/4 (Page of Cups) or 22 (The Fool). According to my Tarot cards, this is expressed through 37/1, better known as the King of Cups.

Today I’m going with The Fool. The Page of Cups is just a minor version of The Fool.

This is a day to assess feelings. Your emotional terrain may feel a little rugged and interesting to traverse. Today is a day whose base energy supports gaining emotional clarity. Given that this is happening under the influence of 22/The Fool, that clarity will most likely be gained after something is upended. The more well-planned and tightly scheduled things are today, the more likely it is that you will gain “emotional clarity” in regards to them.

The short answer: things will be a little fucked up today. Up will be down and down will be sideways. Now if you’re someone who is used to going with the flow, that’s not such a big deal. If you are someone that needs consistency and repetitiveness then today may be a little craptastic for you but the thing to remember is that this is a temporary vibration and your response is the key to having a good time when things go south.

Within the King of Cups is a desire for perfection, particularly where things like beliefs and knowledge are concerned. Out there in the great wide world, on a mundane level, unexpected events will expose vulnerabilities and weaknesses in things, particularly as they relate to things like the institutions concerning education or religion.

In general, though, this king brings an emotional attachment to how things must unfold or be done today. Those who have been reading me for a long time at various blogs know that I call this musterbating. Musterbation can give rise to some very unreal expectations. The emotional attachments to situations that are formed by musterbating can cause us to renounce or reject that which does not happen the way we feel it should.

When channeled productively, this energy can help us to explore different avenues and possibilities, because things went tits up and we questioned the experience. It’s all in how you deal with change. When 22 and 37 interact there is a desire to explore different ideas and find new ways of doing things. The energy supports taking charge of a changing situation and rather than yoking it in and shutting it down, loosening the leash and letting things unfold. At the personal level this is mostly concerning school or other sorts of studies. Today is a day that you may well find yourself butting heads with parents, teachers, or mentors over policies and procedures.

The thing is, things are going to unfold whether you feel ready or not. You can sit there, pontificating and moralizing about how this or that should be, or you can lean in to how it actually is, even if you don’t know what the answer or outcome is.

And that’s all I got! Remember, as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!!


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