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Mmmm dark roast. 

I’m late to the party because all the other numerologists wrote their COVID-19 posts in March and April. I’ll be honest, even though I’m a numerologist, breaking this down by the numbers was the last thing on my mind. I was preoccupied with mocking the toilet paper hoarders in my midst, while feeling quietly superior about my water powered bum cleaner. 35CDN on Amazon, folks. You’ll never care if you ever have a square to spare again. 

I’m also a very reluctant joiner. I didn’t want to do one, simply because I saw how readers of many systems were being treated online. Let’s face it, when the shit hits the fan, we collectively go looking for people to blame. In times of collective social strife, it’s not unusual for chunks of society to look over at the diviners and soothsayers, and say, “YOU. You made the crops fail. BURN THE WITCH!!!” And I got to see plenty of that on social media as people dogpiled mostly Tarot readers and harmless l’il Wiccans for daring to have the audacity to be themselves “at a time like this”. I’m fairly certain that most of us are no longer riding the adrenal horsie anymore because you can’t keep that boil water-rip sheets energy going for too long. 
So, the numerology of COVID-19. Its very interesting. I have a phonetic table, not a letter table. My breakdown of the word COVID is different: 
Phonetic Chaldean: 20/2 Sudden events causing a major turning point at a global level. Within the 20 we see massive restructuring of industries, job losses and economic hits that are forcing new solutions. Under the influence of a 20/2 vibration, we don’t keep the machine going. We strip it, keep the parts that still work, and try to build something else. Decisive actions are required when 20 is the underlying energy of 2. It isn’t enough to brainstorm and form committees. People get easily agitated and anxious to the point that they may develop mental health problems. The nations that have fared the best so far are the ones whose leaders said, “Right. Here’s the plan” and the plan was executed. Remaining adaptable and keeping control of one’s emotions during a 20/2 vibration are key to getting through it.  
Most numerologists tend to stick to more traditional letter/number associations, so I’ll give my interpretation of those values here:
Standard Chaldean: 21/3 This vibration brings on a whole new world. Not only is the chapter closed on the old world, but so is the book. There’s no going back. Thoughts become things very quickly under a sweeping 21/3 vibration. They can manifest too quickly to be fully understood before they “get out there” and are received by everyone. We see this at play in the rapid growth and acceptance of conspiracy theories, but also in the myriad of “almost cures” that we are bombarded with, daily, in the media. The 21/3 energy pattern, like the 20/2, contains within it a need to keep intense emotions in check and not to give in to panic. Under this number pattern, opportunities can arise that will allow those of us who grab them, to succeed and roll with all the changes. 
Pythagorean: 26/8 “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” is the message of the 26/8 energy pattern. Those who have sown wisely get rewarded, those who sow recklessly – well, let’s just hope they put their masks on. Things come home to roost under this influence. Generally the word karma is seen as a bad omen by those of us in the West, who tend to be really black and white in our understanding of it. I’ll just say that some of the things coming home to roost can be positive as well. Everyone being on CERB in this country certainly highlighted the great disparity in income and there is talk of a universal basic income program. For many Canadians the government stipend was more than they earned prior to the lockdown. Having a forced pause gave rise to some creative and resourceful channeling of ambitious energy. Many of us have carved out new spaces in the business world and are thriving. Of course, yes, many of us are having the shittiest! time! ever! 
They’re all very different interpretations, but they’re not wrong. 
The number 19 is a Karmic number. The Karmic 19 on a grand scale is about the abuse of power and manipulation of those around you. On an individual level, 19/1 relates to being thrust into situations where resourcefulness and wit will be what gets you through the day. Many of us will feel like we’re living on our nerves under the influence of a Karmic 19. This energy pattern is the debt collector and great equalizer – none of us are above it, regardless of how much money we have, where we come from, or whose vagina we were pulled out of. We are all experiencing a collective lesson in the end result of all of our choices. If you think your choices as an individual don’t create a big ripple in the pond, consider the doctor in New Brunswick who went to help in Quebec. New Brunswick was enjoying very low infection rates despite the fact that they share a border with the dumpster fire known as La Belle Province, and a faster provincial reopening than other provinces in my country. When this doctor returned home, he did not isolate. He returned to his hospital and although asymptomatic, infected 150 people. One man making one small choice with very big consequences. 
Mmmmm. More coffee. 
I’m on Day 11 of the Deepak Chopra 21 Days of Abundance. I joked about it the last time I blogged about it. I don’t really know if I can “feel it working” – which is what I’ve been asked. I’ll be honest, meditation is HARD for me. As fast as I can quiet my mind, a dozen thoughts pop up, each with their own marching band and cheerleaders, wanting all of my attention. I screw up the mantras. My cats use my lap as a diving board when I’m trying to connect with The Great Unknowable Buddy Whatshisname. I’m not failing, I’ve had small successes – I’ve had a couple of job ads drop into my lap and I’ve interviewed for them. I’ve lost about 10lbs, although I don’t know if I can connect suddenly wanting to eat better with Deepak and the gang. I did pick up a few bookings for readings without really trying. But there are moments when I’m collaging things or writing paragraphs about the relationship I have with my mother, where I stop and think, “What the hell is this?” I do look forward to my daily meditation attempts, though, and it is working – just in very small ways. 
And that’s all she wrote for today, kids. Be excellent to each other and let shit unfold. 

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