The Great Fuckening of 2020: A Reading for the Collective


Reading for the collective. 

I usually share these on Instagram but I had way too much to say! 

This would have been out a lot sooner but I tried to multitask and do this while I was doing my roots and there were…issues….some complications…..nothing that a box of 3N won’t fix! 

Anyone who has followed my readings on Instagram knows that I’m a big fan of the four card mini cross. It’s my belief, after many decades of readings, that more cards = more confusion. If I can’t figure out your hoohaw in four cards, I’ve got issues. Extra cards happen when they fly out of the deck and make themselves known. In this case, the Queen of Pentacles wanted to hang out. Good for her! We like her, she makes damned fine croissants. 

I’ve changed up my positions in the spread, and called this change “The Great Fuckening of 2020”. My research subjects across all my social media platforms all loved their readings, and said they were right on point, so I know I’ve got a winner. 

1&2: 5 of Cups and The Hierophant 45 5 (You in the present moment)

In the present moment a lot of us are wiping away tears and seeing where we fit into this new world. When the challenges of the fives show themselves and bluntly as they do here, it’s important to remember that the number after five is six, and sixes are victories. We can stay crying in our soup (5 of Cups) completely ignoring the fact that not all of our cups are spilled or we can pick up those cups, internalize what just happened, and move forward to victory. Coupled with the 5 of Cups The Hierophant is constructive freedom. We are collectively moving away from old school institutions and ways of thinking. Five is an experiential energy – five loves freedom and expression, and ushering in new things. Contrary to what a lot of Pearl Clutchers think, these institutions aren’t physically going away but they are changing. Where 5’s energy collects, Mercury’s energy is strong. New thoughts, new beliefs, constantly evolving and changing situations – it’s understandable that there are tears. So yes, things are changing. Breathe, smooth out your pants, and move on. 

3: The Hermit 9 (Your lesson from The Great Pause/Global Shutdown) 

The collective lesson was one of Wisdom. Now The Hermit, much like 9, knows a lot of things. It’s not always easy to sort those things out. I always imagine the Faery Queen who lived in the travelling cabaret in True Blood. She had so much wisdom, so much experience, that nothing she said made any sense. Our lesson this year as a collective has been to sort through the stuff we’re learning. Do we believe the chiropractor on YouTube who swears there is a conspiracy to control Americans or do we believe Dr. Fauci? And why is it that the conspiracies are all American-centric? There are other countries. Do we shutdown and mask up? Or is that pointless? It used to be that you had to look for the rabbit hole and now sometimes it feels like we’re in it. And while I’m thinking of it, why is it always chiropractors carrying on about “Big Pharma” and conspiracies? Seriously, the next time you see a doctor who’s got something “Soooo controversial….YouTube will take this down because it’s gonna shake the world….” I can almost guarantee it will be a chiropractor. Just an observation. 

As a temporary vibration, events take place quickly where The Hermit shows up and the facts are constantly changing. You are charged with deciphering it all, eliminating what is useless, and separating emotion from reason. Quite often we do not want to let go of things. We hang on to clothing that doesn’t fit, ornaments that are butt ugly because Aunt Henrietta gave them to us in 1983, we keep people around that we don’t want to know anymore, we stay in dead end jobs….and on, and on. The 9 cycle will take care of that for you. The Hermit shone this little light of his all over what didn’t work. We saw what people were really like during The Great Pause, we saw how crappy our social safety nets were, we saw some of our leaders fall apart and others rise to the occasion and be honest – a lot of the time it wasn’t who you thought it would be, was it? It’s been an eye opening time, this Great Pause. 

The lessons in 9/The Hermit also contain ending or changing jobs and residences. Some of us lost our careers. Some of us work at home now. Some of us became “essential heroes”. All those venerable employment institutions are now under scrutiny. Do we need a 5000 sq ft space to run our business? Do I need to commute? If I can’t teach Zumba to a room full of people, how can I shift? Housing has changed, day care, everything. EVERYTHING. All the shitty instability and crappiness that we publicly upheld but privately wished would just up and die is now CHANGING. We got what we wished for. May we live in interesting times. 

4: 6 of Cups 46/1 (What you can expect for the rest of the year) 

The rest of the year is better. The first half of 2020 was a teary, wine soaked mess because many of us were caught 150% unaware and unprepared. Now we’ve started shifting and while it ain’t over yet, there is a definite feeling of ease now, that wasn’t there even last month. That doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses, but we are adjusting. 6s are victories, and when they come directly after 5s as they have here, it means that a sufficient chunk of us have actually learned. The 6 of Cups puts an emotional twist on this. Our environment changes, but it’s a little more secure. We are reaching out and rekindling friendships – nothing like a global crisis to make you wish you’d said yes to more invites and kept up relations. Some of us will find ourselves with a completely new circle of people and that’s fine. If you’re one of those folks, don’t be sad about it: you’ve changed. Everyone around you has changed. And let’s face it, after 5 months of watching people freak out in our Facebook feed day after day, we’ve all cut a few people off. 

Unusual experiences are coming into our lives now. We are more willing to share with others and have a better sense of what makes a “good citizen” or good neighbour. We are more quick to volunteer, to do random acts of kindness (thank you, anonymous Wine Fairies!) and to offer ourselves in service. The 6 of Cups is ruled by the second decan of Scorpio. Sometimes we need sorrow to pass into our lives, to force us to look – really look – at what we believe is important. This rulership also favours scientific discovery and pulling information right out of the void, so we can probably expect our collective knowledge base to increase. 

Popped out to say hello: Queen of Pentacles 66/3

This queen wants us to pay attention to the emotional investment we have in the material world. This is not a New Age admonishment about the evils of money – I see enough of that out there these days. Rather, it is a reminder that a penny saved is a penny earned. This queen likes her comforts and she has a good relationship with wealth. She is practical, determined, and she will get dirt under her fingernails. We should all be using our talents wisely to build what they like to call in the divination books, “tangible results”. That means money. Get a side hustle. Drive for Uber. InstaCart. Write ebooks. Become a Tupperware lady. Something. If you can save and set aside for the future on just the job you have now, great. If you can’t, her highness would like to remind you that she is not above doing something extra part time. 

Sum total of the cards (general theme for the year): 99

Ooh this is exciting. For those wondering how I got that number, there are numbers beside the title of each card in this reading – their numerological value based on their order in the deck. I add them all up, going straight across: 4+5+9+4+6+66 …… we don’t break up master numbers. That’s fabulous. As far as Master Numbers go, 11s are practically lying around on the floor all over the place, but 99s….ooooh….I hardly ever get to see those. 

99 is a collective calling out to all of us. The universe/god/your angels – whatever the hell you need to call it – wants us all to put our best foot forward and ascend to an epic level of wisdom seeking and sharing. It’s time to lead and share what you know. It’s time to practise what you preach. We are all born into this world with traits and gifts. Some of us are great cooks, some of us are mathematicians, some of us are really good at taking out splinters. If you don’t know what you’re good at, get your chart done – numerology, astrology – whatever, get it done. Figure it out. If you’re one of these people who is only good at being cute – find a new skill. You’ve got until Saturn moves back to Aquarius in mid-December to find a way to be useful. 

Pythagorean numerologists see 9s as being all wonderful and light seeking, the great altruists. As a Chaldean numerologist I struggled with that because most 9 people I knew were blunt assholes. In studying the Chaldean interpretation of numbers, this makes more sense. 9 contains within it the energy of fire. Think Mars and Sagittarius when you think of 9s. When I see 99 for the collective, I also see it as a message to stand up and lead. Be counted. This energy cycle is about closing out a shitload of old patterns – 9s are often referred to as “the fulfillment of a cycle” in numerology books. That means endings, folks. They finish shit. 9s are breakups that aren’t getting back together again. 9s are the knowledge you sometimes wish you could unknow because now that you know, you’re responsible. 9 energy is not about hand-wringing; it’s about taking your tears out back, getting them out and out of the way, and coming back to get shit done. 

Now do you see why I don’t need a whole lot of cards? 

If you would like to do your own Great Fuckening reading, here’s the spread: 

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