The Empress Check-in

This is a reading done for myself, from Leeza Robertson’s book, “Tarot Court Cards For Beginners”. It views the four queens of the Tarot court as facets of The Empress. It makes an ideal “check in” reading, for those wanting to take a self-assessing look inward. 

The Empress and four queens are removed from the deck. The cards are shuffled however it is that you do this, and one card is laid over each queen. 

My cards are as follows: 

Queen of Swords (Mental Body): 5 of Swords 

Fives are challenges and this five shows shifting mental boundaries and responsibilities. It’s bang on, actually, as I’ve started a new job. I’m learning new services, new products, and a completely different mindset than I’ve ever experienced in a salon before. Things are exciting and change suddenly. There is a warning with this card not to indulge in drama or gossip. I know I’ve just come in on the heels of something juicy at work, and as much as I may be nosy, I don’t ask. It’s better that way. 

In spite of the fact that my skills and knowledge are spot on, I feel like a backwards cousin with two left feet a lot of the time as I get used to everything, so there’s that as well. 

Queen of Cups (Emotional Body): The World 

The World is a great card. It’s all about intense three energy: travel, change, rewards, communication, and success. For those who can stop musterbating about how things must unfold and are ok with letting go of emotional attachments and just trusting the universe, this is a time when opportunities will unfold. For those who tab and collate everything, trusting in the universe will create great amounts of stress and frustration. I’m not that person most of the time, thankfully. 

Queen of Pentacles (Physical Body): 7 of Swords 

Physically, my health needs checking. I just had a physical recently and I’m set for a battery of more tests, so this card is right in line. I’m fine, for anyone who reads this. Stuff that was put on the back burner because of the lockdown is staring me in the face as things open up again. I didn’t run right to the doctor again because I wanted to see what would happen with infection numbers first. So I let the rest of you take my place in line – I’m generous like that. Sevens are inward seeking, unlike the other odd numbers, and the health checks are all just for my own knowledge. 

Queen of Wands (Spiritual Body): Temperance 

Spiritually, this card is about verification and slowing down. The desire to find the truth arises from within. I’ve recently begun mediumship studies, to get a handle on all these spirits that like to hang out in my house. There is joy and alchemy in this card as well. When earthly creation (4) is understood as a manifestation of pure energy (1), the ability to manifest or transmute is limitless. 

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