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It’s been a busy winter, indeed!

Interesting things have been happening. I recently had my diagnosis of chronic rhinitis changed, to a severe dust mite allergy with allergy and exercise induced asthma. When the lockdowns started and we spent all our time inside, I started to get “croupy” on a regular basis. I’d always been “snotty” but it was never a huge deal. Then, gradually, I stopped doing things because I’d be snotting, coughing, and wheezing. It improved for the brief time that I was able to go back to work and when that ended, my symptoms came back with a vengeance.  I started a regimen that includes changes to how I do the housework and also new meds. I’m on Singulair plus some OTC allergy meds. Please, no “I’m so concerned for you messages” because yes, I read the side effects to Singulair and no, I’m not experiencing any of them.

This medicine has changed my life, which is the A1 reason I do not want to hear any well-intentioned but scary crap about Singulair. When I say it’s changed my life, I’m not exaggerating. I have been working out again and not wheezing on the floor. I’m walking. I’m doing things around the house. It dawned on me this morning that I’ve started styling my hair and wearing makeup again. I give a shit again. I’m becoming my lively active self and not the depressed anxious slug that I became when we collectively went into our homes for two weeks, fifty-four weeks ago. 

I was gifted yarn on my birthday. Yarn is always a welcome present!! 😍
My precious. We loves the precious, yes we do.

I’ve been on a crochet kick lately. I’ve been making art as well, but most of it has been awful so it hasn’t been shared. I’ve been doing a lot of entrelac blankets. It is my goal to start selling patterns again, by mid May. I’m also working on a couple of big paintings that I’m not sharing right now. My fingers are crossed that things will open up more in the summer and I can put my work in the local art shows. 

Currently, I am working on a pattern for Easter. It won’t be ready for sale for Easter, but it’ll hopefully be a finished object by then. 

It would seem that I have forgotten to weave in as I go *cries*

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  1. I sincerely feel like we are sisters rather than long time friends! The stuff we both find to alleviate our stressors is so similar. I have long adored you and your ability to be so crafty in many different media. Thankfully, I met you years ago through Xanga and we have remained as close as possible. I love you, Nicole!

  2. Oh yes, love The Precious!! Those are some yummy colors!!!
    Did you make all those afghans? They are beautiful. I’ve yet to make one. They intimidate me.
    I inherited a box of 12×12 granny squares that my rescue mom gave me when her mother passed away. Gramma Alice made all these squares and never finished her project. I hope to finish if for her once I look at ways to join the squares together.

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