What is draining my energy?

10 Rada (10 of Swords)

I’m not going to lie. When I cut the deck these days, I’m quietly thinking, “Not Legba, not Legba” as I cut the cards.

Azaka is both the farmer who fights the drought and the master of herbs. He does a lot with very little. Like The Fool, he has all of his possessions in a bag, slung over his shoulder. From Azaka we get the Hoodoo Root Doctor. He works hard in the sun, and remains persistent even when things feel too great. If his crops fail, everyone will starve and he does not want that to happen.

The contemplation for this card is the earth as both giver and taker of life.

There is a need to suspend belief in the 10 of Swords, especially a need to set down fixed beliefs for now. Tens are hesitations, and while the cycle has ended with the nines, tens show a slow transition away. It is time to set aside whatever fixed beliefs I may have about how things should be, and just let shit unfold.


  1. “And just let shit unfold.”

    I feel like we’re all there right now with waves at all of this. Uncertainty is such a bear to deal with.

    Sending you some ease, lovely. <3

  2. Mmm, “just let shit unfold” Yep, I’m feeling this deeply.
    It’s not so much fixed beliefs (or maybe a little) but maybe or also
    beliefs that have been ingrained in me without my choosing them.
    That’s what I’m trying to let go of these days, things that I was told
    I had to believe or I was convinced was true even though they were lies.

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