What needs to be forgiven to move forward?

10 Congo (10 of Cups)

Gran Bois

Gran Bois’ domain is far below the sea. It is the watery Sacred Forest, whose branches stretch up to greet the sun and whose roots tap the source for all waters, below the sea. This is the Forest of the Island Below the Waters, the land that the loa call home.

In the divination for this card Louis Martinié writes, “Favourable outcome when the last words are said and the last things done.”

Tens are hesitations. Imagine a drop of water on the edge of a tap, quivering before it finally breaks free and falls away. The ten is the quivering, that final resistance before gravity takes over and pulls the drop of water down to the bottom of the sink. Within this card is a hesitation to express emotions, to compartmentalize things, to believe that “I’ll deal with them later.” There is also a tendency to avoid specific people or groups, to avoid opportunities to work with others, to avoid letting people help.


It’s as if all these cards got together to all make sense hahahaha. While this does not answer the question with “You must forgive this specific event or that specific person” it does show what needs to be put down, where to work through resistance, and let other forces into my life.

I’ll be honest, I really have a hard time working with others, especially in the spiritual/psychic communities but also….every other place, too. It’s not that I’m a bad person or “not a team player” but I prefer to work alone. I’ve learned over the years that it’s just better. When you’re more like Sheldon Cooper than you care to admit, working solo is often the peaceful choice. The stress of dealing with how quickly others (do not) move and what (disorganization and chaos) they consider to be acceptable can be overwhelming to someone who prizes speed, efficiency, and everything in its place. Me getting involved with others is like watching a cat get picked up by a three year old and be petted backwards with slobbery wet hands. It’s like getting The Fonz to say he was wrong. Oh man.

Oi spirits. You’re not going to make this easy!! I will try joining the circle and playing nicely with others. I will say when I’m upset. I will deal with emotions as they come instead of compartmentalizing and then forgetting where I hid them. Bleh. You couldn’t just want me to eat liver? Why couldn’t it be that?

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