And the challenges are OVER!

Not going to lie, this makes me a wee bit happy that the Tarot challenge is over.

I know that it was my choice to participate, and I did learn a lot about myself and let a lot go. It was a good experience but now I can get back to the business of not giving my cards the nervous side eye.

It’s also the last day of blogging along with Effy. THIS, I will miss.

Tomorrow I will start my social media diet. I fully expect to slip and fall, I do. I feel like I need to gorge on TikTok and get my fill of TheRealIndianDad, SalehFamily, #WitchTok, and #NativeTikTok before I take it off my phone.

I spent the winter working on Tarot reading/blogging. That was Plan A. I’ve earned enough to execute Plan B: next week I get to work on rebooting my crochet website with patterns for sale and online courses. I want to take advantage of Jupiter in Pisces.

And for Tarot tax, here’s my latest and last entry in the HeaingThruTarot April Tarot Challenge:

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  1. I loved reading your blog! I learned so much. And I think you are hilarious. The entire Rocky thing with your contributions had me laughing for days. <3

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate the comments you left on mine. I really need a better system for keeping track of everything I want to read Elle xx

  3. social media diet….perfect title and it’s encouraged me to step back, again, as well.
    Congratulations on finishing your challenges! Thank you for sharing!

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