The one about keto pizza, numerology, and cryptozoology

I. I’m running a fever. I’m wrapped up in a blanket, on my living room chesterfield. I haven’t switched on the television in a few weeks, so I thought I’d watch some Prime. I watched a show hosted by David Paulides, about all the hunters and outdoorsmen who have gone missing in areas of the USA. I’m watching one right now about something called The Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts. It’s creepy but compelling.

II. An in-law is coming over. She wants to use me as a taste tester for a low carb pizza recipe she saw in one of those Tasty! videos from Facebook. Anyone who wants to cook for me when I feel like poo is more than welcome to do so. Here’s a recipe for the same pizza, from Wholesome Yum. The featured image from this post comes from there, too.

III. I’m learning Vedic numerology, Astro-numerology, and Vastu.  I’ve been practising numerology for about 30 years now. This is fun. I love how deep I can dive with numbers.

IV. So far so good, I’m not yet missing social media, but it’s only Day 3. I do miss the blogging group.  We’ll see how I feel about that in a week.

V. Yesterday, while I was waiting for my second covid shot, Google was kind enough to send me an article about something called “Covid Arm”. It’s a name coined for the extreme reaction some people are having to the vaccine, at the injection site. There were lots of photos. I had that. My arm was swollen up and red-purple for about eight days. People kept saying it was because the person who gave me the shot wasn’t good at giving needles. I beg to differ. She did both my shots and I didn’t feel either of them. This time my arm does not feel so bad. Eight days is a long time to have a HUGE swollen shoulder cap.

VI. There are a lot of puckwudgie sightings in The Bridgewater Triangle. I feel like I need a roadtrip 😁

VII. All these stories about the Hockomock Swamp and Bridgewater Triangle remind me of an area of the highway on the way to the Annapolis Valley past the Pockwock watershed. I don’t know if there are strange creatures there but it really feels like different place. We always knew, if the fog came while we were driving through, that we would get to our destination within the Annapolis Valley, ahead of time. I used to call it a “fairy gate”. My friends that knew about it said they felt awful driving through there. I never did.

VIII. My relative is here. She’s not a kitchen person. Or a cook. I have to supervise.

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